ac problem


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ac problem

hi guys, my a/c stopped blowing cold air three months ago and today i finally got around to adding refrigrant r134..i have a 96 lumina and never charged it since i bought it..i bought one of those do it yourself kits..i followed directions to the t and my initial low pressurre reading was low so i added freon to get the pressure to 30psi, the compressor started to click on and off constantly and the pressure reading would jump into the red and then back down to 30psi..i stopped adding freon and disconnected the gauge..i then checked to see if my a/c was working and it was blowing air but it was not cold and my compressor is constantly clickling on and off. ps my pressure reading with the ac on is 30, but when i turn off the car it shoots into the red >80...any help would be appreciated thanks.. recent update, compressor has stopped clicking on and off with ac on however still not blowing cold air...back to where i started..

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it might be the clutch of the ac compressor going
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When the ac clutch cycles on and off at a rather steady rate, your system is undercharged. If you have it overcharged, it will blow warm. I would add a little more refrigerant to the system, since you say the clutch was cycling constantly.
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you probably have a mojor leak somewhere suggest taking to a shop for a a/c system check for a proper diagnossis the a/c compressor will cycle on and off quickly when your system is low on freon I wouldnt even waste your time with messing with a/c work unless you have a vacum pump and a set of a/c guages that will read low and high side pressures when you check into the cost of the equipment to properly charge or work on a/c I think you will find most shops will check the system out and fill if that is all that is needed at a very reasonable price.
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thanks guys for your help, will do..

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