94 ranger driving me crazy


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94 ranger driving me crazy

I have a 94' Ranger 4x4 with the 3.0 V6. For the last three months Every once in a while you push the clutch in and it will rev way up until you let it back out. If you just let it rev it will go up to 3500 and eventually come back to idle, I also noticed that the battery terminal was loose and tightened it when it wouldnt start one day and the voltage guage was going crazy. I thought this fixed the problem but no such luck. The problem will last for about a week and usually go away for another month. It usually does it after you drive 15-20 miles. Sometimes when you start it warm it will not want to idle down like you are starting it cold. I have had it to the garage and they replaced the idle air control valve with a used one and reset the idle. They cant really do a whole lot though becuse it has never done it to them. Other wierd things is that if you shut it off and srart it again it will be fine for a little while, and the temp guage really never goes very but it makes good heat. Also yesterday I went 100+ miles and the check engine light flashed on and off half a million times. It will only stay on for abut 20-45 seconds maybe a minute, is this long enough to save a code? Any ideas about this problem would be much apperciated. Also they dindnt think it was the TPS since it comes and goes. I am going to take it in next week and leave it so they can mess with it. Any suggestions? One more thing is that it doesnt seem to have a lot of power but I was told it has always been that way because of the way it is geared. Thanks
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If the check engine light is coming on then it surely has stored a code. Take it to a shop that is capable of checking these codes. It should be pretty cut and dry for that old of a vehicle. The revving sounds to me like the TPS sensor. I would get it checked for codes first since the light has come on. Thats going to be the first place to go.
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Here somethings to look at on the temp problem thermostat's have been known to stick. So replace the thermostat. This also tells the PCM (computer)
that the engine is at operating temp through the ect(engine coolant temp) sensor. So if the pcm sees the truck at operating at a LOWER temp it will not go into Close loop. Which means cold start. Idle Strategy. billys68ss had a good point pull the codes, and also the tp sensor problem. Also installing a used iac valve could be the problem if it wasn't the right one for the truck. Some of the iac valves have diode's built in for the EEC system. Loss of power could be tied to the problem also with a maf (mass air flow) sensor and idle speed. So pull the codes!!! and post back.
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Ailing Ranger

Hogfan is right on the button. If the computer is running "closed loop" because of failed temp sensor, MAF, any other emissions control sensor everything goes to heck. Surging, poor performance, varying idle speed just to name a few. Momentary loss of power while tightening the battery cable can cause the ECM to lose it memory. oldmedic

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