Anti-Freeze Over-flowing...


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Anti-Freeze Over-flowing...

I just bought a 1987 Ford 1-ton cargo van for my very small business. It has a 460ci motor. It starts and runs very smoothly. But here is the problem:

After you start it and let it run for 7-10 minutes it starts leaking anti-freeze. I soon learned that it's not actually a leak. There is just no over-flow container. The over-flow hose just runs over the top and down the side of the radiator. So for some reason it is getting too hot and just over-flowing onto the ground.

The thermostat seems to go up slightly as the motor warms up as it should, but never anywhere near the half-way reading.

So what is causing it to overheat?

Is it just a stuck thermostat? What else could it be?

Also, is it OK for it not to have an over-flow container?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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It may not be overheating. Does it "smell" hot? You may only be overfilling the rad. Make sure your coolant is mixed @ 50/50 (pure may cause some problems) & the level on these should be 1 to 1&1/2 inches below the filler to allow room for expansion. If you fill the rad cold, as the coolant expands, it comes out the hose. It's O.K. without the recovery tank when the level is right
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Assuming your temp guage is working correctly, it's not overheating. Most likely, it's the radiator cap. It should be a 13 to 15 pound cap. If it's less, the warm coolant just pushes it open as pressure builds. If it's the stock cap, replace it. It's old and weak. Also, if the engine doesn't seem to warm up properly, it's got no thermostat or one that's stuck open. Good Luck

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