94' dodge van trans problem


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94' dodge van trans problem

I have a 94' dodge grand caravan se 3.3 liter v6 with a 4 speed automatic trans. The problem is the trans has a front seal leak so i have been putting trans. fluid in it as needed the gears were changing just fine until on day i pushed the overdrive button to go into overdrive it started jerking real bad but went into overdrive it done this for a while then one day it just quit going into overdrive come to find out that i was using the wrong fluid i was using dextron3 it's supose to use atf plus 3 the other gears change fine do you think now it need's to be rebuilt ?? have i ruined the trans?? it has the right fluid in it now......
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I am not transmission expert, but have had experience with your transmission. I can just about guarantee you smoked your tranny. Chrysler transmission fluid has a friction additive. Dexron does not. Plus your trans was leaking and quite possibly ran low on occasion causing pressure loss and causing the clutch packs to burn up. I recently towed a Caravan to the trans shop and the owner payed $2200 for the rebuild but the van wasn't worth $200! Good Luck.
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94' caravan

well you'r probley right i thought maybe it could be a silinoid or something the van is not worth $2200 but maybe it's not burn up.
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The "jerking" you've mentioned only when it's shifts from 3rd to 4th right?.

If it does, sound like Tor Conv is slipping(shuttering), it's not the TC problem, it's more likely the Trans computer problem, it's allowed OD goes in to early, disconnect the battery for few minutes then try it again, drive it with shifter set at OD and see if it makes any different .

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