Toyota Camry 1989 Seatbelt/Windows don't work


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Arn C.
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Toyota Camry 1989 Seatbelt/Windows don't work

Hello Again!

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. My electric windows and seatbelts worked when I came to work one morning, when I left work in the afternoon they didn't work anymore. I received a "NO SEATBELT" ticket from local police on the way home because of it. Drats! Anyhow, before they broke, I was having a small problem with the seatbelt. Everyonce in a while I would have to swing the door in and out a couple of times to get the seatbelt to complete its movement, either front or back on the track. Is there a switch in the door that may be bad? I am an electronic tech, so I have a volt/ohm meter at my disposal. Any info would be appreciated. If I get this fixed before the 6th of April, I won't have to pay the fine!

Arn C.
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...check your fuses (obtaining a wire diagram would also be of immense help), assuming they are ok...check for voltage available at the PW switch...then at the motor when the switch is activated.

on the seat belt thing...remove the kick panel and check the wires that go to the door jamb switch at the front of the door opening. mine broke there...the seat belt motor gets it's ground at that switch.

you may also find your PW problem at the conduit where the wiring transitions from the body to the door...right at the front of the door opening. the wires get flexed a million times and tend to break inside the rubber conduit.
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It's the wiring that goes between the body and the door. Very common for it to break where it flexes.

You have to remove the door panel, disconnect the harness behind the kick panel and pull it through the door. This will give you the room to repair the broken wires. Some will be broken, other will be on their way.
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Arn C.
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Thank you for your expertise! I will check that out this afternoon.
Once again, Thanks!

Arn C.

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