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I'm doing a project right now on my custom 1998 ford escort Zx2, This car i take to car shows and i want to update my audio system in my trunk i ripped out the old subwoofer box and i want to install a plexiglass box with 3 12" subwoofers in them i have started to draw up plans today and then i got stumped, I wanna make it look like its one solid piece but i cant figure out what chemicals to use to melt the plexiglass together on the corners, edges Etc... to make it look like 1 solid piece if anyone has any expierence working with plexiglass please please leave a comment or if anyone has any ideas leave one also thanks..
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ooooopppps did not mean to reply to myself
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Tell you what, the best thing to use is not plexiglass, but Lexan. You can get it at a plastics warehouse (yellowpages), and 1/4" would work best. What you need to do is router a "V" notch in the lexan so that it's only about 3/32" thick at the bottom of the V. Then you can heat it up with a torch, (you got to keep the torch moving back and forth over the wole joint or it'll burn and bubble!) and once it gets hot enough, it will just bend over like a hinge. Best way to make a square corner! If you need more suggestions, talk to the guys where you buy the plastic. I did something similar not too long ago, and they were real helpful in answering my questions. They know a lot about plastics, so that's what I'd suggest.
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it's not going to sound as good is it ???
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I would try asking your question at {} forums and see what replies you get fiberglass is commonly used on custom enclosures but the enclosure is painted.
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