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Question Loss of power


I have a 94 Mercury Sable that has started to sputter and lose power particularly when going up hills or when trying to pass. At idle, the engine seems to be fine but when placed in drive, the engine starts to sputter slightly. I can get up to speeds of 65 or more with no problem as long as the road is relatively flat. When i approach even slight grades, the car begins to sputter. Startup is no problem at all. I have suspected bad gas, and i am due for some new plugs. Anything else i should be checking? Fuel filter / pump? I have also added some fuel injector cleaner into the gas.

Thanks for the help.
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Two things I would check - the fuel filter and catalytic converter.

The fuel filter could be clogged for some reason.

The catalytic converter could be breaking up inside restricting exhaust. Give it a shake and see if it rattles.
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It could be one of many things. Save yourself time and money and pull the codes first.

Replacing the plugs would be a sensible thing to do, even if it does not solve the problem.

94 Ford huh? Hmmmm, I would clean the MAS and see if that doesn't solve everything.
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Check fuel pressure (30-40psi).
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Originally Posted by Lugnut
It could be one of many things.

pull the codes.

Replace the plugs

clean the MAS
What he said
And change the fuel filter too
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Forgive my ignorance, what is the MAS?
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Mass Air-flow Sensor
Often called the MAF sensor

It's in the Air Intake Tubing after the air filter box but before the Throttle Body on the engine itself
It's a section of the tube that has a little box on it
If you pulled the section out you'd see it has a screen that the air must pass through
The actual sensor is attached to the "little box" and does not require removal of the section of AI tube
The little box should have some screws which you remove to pull out the sensor
The screws may require a special tool
If so you can cut slots in them and make them flat head screws
Unhook the battery, then unhook the wires to the MAF sensor at the connection there, unscrew the screws and pull out the sensor
It may be covered with gook
Clean it with some carb cleaner (I use the sensor safe type) away from the engine bay
Reinstall and hook up the battery
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Oh, pull the codes first before you un-hook the battery
You'll want those for reference if it's not the MAF sensor
And after you un-hook the battery, they may reset and you'll have to wait until you get codes again
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Thanks, i'll check that out.

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