Replacing the window for the driver's side door


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Replacing the window for the driver's side door

I just need some help replacing the window on the Driver's side of my 86 s10 blazer. I have to door panel completly apart and the busted window out. How do i get the replace ment one in and make sure that it is properly fitted and such.
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Hi, I'm not a mechanic or a glass person, but have done this a few times with my own vehicles. Since you have the door panel off, now the fun starts. The glass goes in from the top, outside the door. Once the glass has started to go into the tracks, you will have to rock it to get it all the way down in the tracks. (Raise the front, then lower the front, repeat until it goes in easily.) This is also tricky as there will be no support from the bottom of the glass, so use extreme caution not to drop the glass. Maybe a second person could help guide it down the tracks and add that extra margin of safety.

Also, how were you going to attach the glass to the mechanism? When I did it, I kept the rollers that ran through the holes in the bottom of the glass, and used bolts. Again, use caution not to crush them when tightening. You could break the glass. Also, make sure there is sufficient clearance for the bolts.

Hope this helps.

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I am not an expert or any thing close to it, but I am just posting what i have done to help any one out there that was in the same situation that I was in.

Ok then, Now that i have put the window in, i figured i would post what i did.
I found out that it helps to remove the actual window crank, if you have the bolt in kind, but is not neccessary to do so. If you are replacing a broken window, as I was, be sure to get all of the glass chunks out and remove the old slider piecesby pushing them down to the end of the track. Get all of the crap that is in the window out and have your replacement window ready. It is best to wait to bolt on the thing that attaches to the bottom of the window, because you will need all the extra room you can get in the door. Slide the window into the door. You may have to angle it quite a bit to get it all of the way in. Once it is in, angle the lager side(the side pointing to the outside of the door) up to get the lower side on to the window track. after getting that side on, raise it up as best as you can and try to carefully pop the other side into the track. Be sure to have some one holding the window as you do this, as it is very easy to drop and break you replacement window. After you have the window in the tracks, hold it up so you can position the crank about two inches or so below it. Slide the piece that attaches to window on to the arm of the window crank, and line up the holes to the bottom of the window.Attach the piece that bolts on to the bottom of the window, but becareful not to over tighten the bolts. Then reattach your door panels and window handle and the other stuff.

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