Faded Headlights


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Faded Headlights

My headlights have faded and I have seen some company advertise about a their cleaner that will bring back that faded headlight to a new headlight look. I was just wondering if any one knows how to bring that faded headlight back to life, or that they have used that has worked? Thanks for your time.
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3M makes some Plastic Polish that I have used on mine, not 100% back to new but I'd say 70-75% back to new look, you can find it at your local Auto Part.

I've also used and currently using 3M fiberglass compound and have found that it works better than Plastic Polish, and also last longer, but then again, will not be back to 100% of new look, you can find it at local marine store or sometime at WalMart in Marine section. Hope it helps.
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Originally Posted by speedracer21399
I was just wondering if any one knows how to bring that faded headlight back to life, or that they have used that has worked? Thanks for your time.
Yes, at least with Lexan headlights, the older (90s and earlier) kind
I have cleaned up many "yellowed" or discolored headlights

Wet sand with 500 grit
Wet sand with 1200 grit
10 min each
Rub in Autosol polish
Buff off with a buffing wheel
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If they are faded that bad you may consider just replacing them. You will probably notice a big difference when you drive at night too. I know cost can be a factor but it's something to consider.
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Also...there is a product called "Micro-Mesh" (maybe a 3M product, not sure)...used on Aircraft acrylic windsheilds...to acheive the same purpose....it is a cloth-like sanding/buffing abrasive....from 500 grit to 2000 grit....brings surface to a high polish and removes "crazing" (those tiny scratches and cracks that appear in aged plastic) and also clears up the color back to new condition. I also use this product to repair scratches on my CD's and watch crystals.
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Faded Headlights

Go to your Auto Parts dealer and ask for headlight polish, they have it. I got some last week cost $8.95 and works well. You only need a little unless you do it for a living. You'll probably have enough to last a lifetime. Just squeeze a little on a soft clothe and rub with a circular motion like most any other polishing you have done. Allow to haze over and buff clean.

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