Sqeaky noise


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Sqeaky noise

Our 2000 Ford Explorer makes a speaking noise as it picks up speed, when you put on brakes it disapears. It sound like squeak,squeak, squeak, the afster you are going, the faster the squeaks. what could it possibly be? thanks

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first thing I would check is the brake pads as they may be down to the wear indicator on the pad which alerts the driver by making a noise much like you describe.
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yep first place to look....or turn the radio UP
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The brake pads are just about brand new. What else could it possibly be?
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it could be warped rotors
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what would cause the rotors to warp? There arent that many miles on this vehicle(no more than 45-50,000) Can a warped rotor be turned or just replaced?
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I make it a practice to cut my rotors every time I change my pads. I cost me $20 for both. All that work to take everything off, I figure why do it again if the rotors need to be cut anyways. Besides, it so nice and smooth after you cut them, it gives the pad a good "ride" when you brake!
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Would there be any other symtoms other than the squeaking if they are warped rotors?
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Warped rotars will make your brakes feel funny the will pulsate and grab.
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You said,
"Explorer makes a speaking noise ",

Could you be alot more descriptive. Do you mean squeak? Louder as you go faster, etc. Tell us more. Could be a alternator bearing, etc, louder as you go faster, mild squeak at idle, etc.

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