Dodge Caravan 1989 Stalling


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Arn C.
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Dodge Caravan 1989 Stalling

My 1989 Dodge Caravan 4cyl (non turbo) keeps stalling.
It runs ok when I am on the road driving, but when I come to a stop sign and go to stop, my engine oil light comes on and it stalls sometimes or nearly stalls. The longer I drive the more chance of it stalling. There is plenty of oil in the engine.

Any input on this would be appreciated!

Also when I turn it on, and it idles the engine every so often the rpms will increase a little then settle back down. Maybe the so callled carberator(sp) may be dirty, are vent sticking a bit? Is there a way to adjust the idle?

Arn C.
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I don't think the 89 has a carburator. It has a throttle body... and I have a strong suspicion the throttle body bore needs to be cleaned right around the butterfly valve. This can be done with solvent (such as WD-40) and a toothbrush. The deposits can be hard to get off, so make sure you get ALL of it. At the same time (while you're there), you should clean the idle control motor.

There is no way to adjust the idle on these cars... it's controlled by the computer.

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