1996 Chevy Truck Failed Obd Inspection Help!!!


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1996 Chevy Truck Failed Obd Inspection Help!!!

I have a 96 chevy 1500 Z71 4x4 5.7 litre and recently failed my vehicle inspection in North Carolina (OBDII). The inspector said i have 4 trouble codes: P0151- 02 sensor B2 S1 circuit low volt, P0154-02 sensor B2 S1 circuit inactive, P0161-02 Sensor B2 S2 Htr Ckt Malfunction, P0304-Cylinder #4 Misfire dected. I had the misfire code a couple of months ago and replaced the plugs and wires but the code came back. please help i dont have alot of bux to spend. I also read on here that its uncommon to have that many problems at one time with 02 sensors. Thanx for any help in advance.
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well how long has the check engine light been on?
considering there is 3 or 4 o2 sensors on your vehicle having multiple o2 codes is not that uncommon and 2 of the codes set are for the same sensor.
are you having any driveability problems at all do you ever notice the engine missing?
suggest starting by having the codes cleared and driving the vehicle till it throws a check engine light then have codes read again and then see about repairing the vehicle based on which code or codes sets first.

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