Interior Lights Won't go Out


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Interior Lights Won't go Out

I have a 1998 Ford Winstar. All the doors are shut but the indicator says they are open and when the van is off, the interior lights stay on. I had to pull the fuse. I can't see any kind of switch on the doors to try and check except on the side door, there are 4 of them in a row. I sprayed contact cleaner on them but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
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all the doors have switches and there is a good chance that is where the problem lies the switches are small and usually mounted right on the latching mechanism inside the door the four buttons you are refering to are contacts and is not a switch but allows electrical current to pass through when the door is closed.
you can try spraying the latch mechanism of all doors with wd 40 and this will sometimes free up a switch that may be sticking.
you may have to take it to a shop so they can test all the switches and gem module to determine what is causing the problem.
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bejay, is right on this repair. WD40!
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Does the dome lights stay on with engine running,Or do they go off with it running and the little dash light that says a door is open stay on?Did they used to dim when door was closed with key off?

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