95 DeVille key fob programming


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Question 95 DeVille key fob programming

I bought a used 95 DeVille. The owner said he only had 1 Key fob, and that the key fob needed a new battery. I replaced the battery and the key fob doesn't work. I was at a dealership having a new key made and mentione the key fob problem. The person behind the counter took out a device and checked the key fob. he said that the transmitter works but the receiver in the car needed to be checked and would probably need to be re- programmed. They would do it for $150.00. I have heard that you can re-program the car without going to the dealership. Is this true! If so can anyone tell me how to do it?
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Here is the procedure you are looking for.

Before you start the procedure you need to have 2 transmitters in hand if you have or are going to use 2 remotes. If you only have 1 then you will have to use the 1 transmitter as both for the procedure.

The entire procedure has to be completed within 30 seconds of grounding the reprogramming connector . If the procedure is not completed in 30 seconds remove the ground at the connector and restart the procedure at step 1

The ground connector is in the trunk. Look where the Pull down unit is there should be a plain wire sticking up right beside the unit. The Pull down unit is the little motor that pulls the trunk down tight when you close it.

Reprogramming Procedure

1. Ignition "On"
2. Bround black single wire connector located at trunk pull down unit.
3. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock (Should take two seconds)
4. Press the "Unlock" button on the first transmitter twice (Pause for one second between presses).
5. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock (Should take two seconds).
6. Press the "Unlock" button on the second transmitter (the same transmitter if you only have 1) (Pause for one second between presses).
7. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock (Should take two seconds)
8. Remove ground from black connector.

After programming sequence is done verify operation of all functions on both transmitters. If not proper operation repeat programming procedure.

The procedure states that if you do not do all of the steps and program 2 remotes then you could render the Remote Keyless System (RKE) inoperative.

Hope this helps ya,

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