Loss of Power at high speed


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Loss of Power at high speed

I have a 95 Ford Contour 134 K, 4 cylinders, its engine sputters at around 50 miles. The engine run rough at high idle either the car in neutral or park. I changed spark plug, wire, fuel filter and air filter, timing bell and use two bottles of injector cleaning fluid in two tanks of gas but the problem still exist. What should I do next?
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Loss of Power problem / MAF Sensor - Contamination could cause this. Fuel Pressure - Fuel pump problem?
Engine Miss / Make sure the Timing Belt is in TIME! Correctly installed. Miss and Loss of Power could be cause by this.
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has it had a new belt
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Yes, I had a new timing bell and a new water pump. The car overheated for a bout 15 minutes due to the loss of antifreeze in the water hose.
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Restricted exhaust?... i.e., the catalytic converter could be broken.
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I bought my car to the dealer, they changed the fuel pump and the sensor but the problem still exists. What could be a problem?
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Sputters after 50 miles of travel, or at 50 MPH?
Why did they change the fuel pump?

What sensor did they change?

You'll want to have the codes read...did the dealer say they pulled the codes?

Are you saying it has a high idle in Park or Neutral, or it runs rough when it's in "high idle" mode?
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CAr sputter at speed around 40 to 50 miles/hr. My car is still at the dealer because they could not solve the problem yet.At this time I do not know what sensor did they change beside they told me that they change the fuel pump and the sensor but the car still not run right. When the car in neutral the engine run rough at high idle. The dealer told me hat the problem is not created by the catalytic converter.
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If it's at the dealer now they should be able to figure it out

You ask what it could be
It could be a Mass Air Flow sensor or Throttle Position Sensor
It could be a vacuum leak
These are high on the suspect list
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The dealer gave up. They could not identify the problem after they charge me for the replacement of the fuel pump and the crank position sensor. They told me there are no code because the problem is interemitten. They told me I should change the ignition module but they are not sure if that is the problem. Should I junk the car?
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I would unbolt the exhaust pipes from the exhaust manifold so that the catalytic converter is offline. Drive it, mash the gas pedal and see if it will get up to top speed with no problem. if it does reach a good speed and doesn't run bad then youve got a plugged converter and or exhaust system.
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Something wrong with the idle circuit if its running rough in idle. Air flow sensor ?
Maybe the injectors have been damaged - have they been checked ?
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I try but the problem still there. I think it is one of the sensor but which one would stutter the speed of the car around 40 to 50 miles per hour sometime but not all the time. it can get over 70 miles per hour at time and it leaves no code or check engine is not on.
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Any news on the problem?

A friend of mine asked me to look at his 95 Ford Contour. It is exhibiting the same exact problems as mentioned in this thread, except that instead of it losing power at 50mph, it start losing power at 30mph.

You press the gas and the car does not accelerate. If you pump the gas, after about 10 seconds it catches up and accelerates as it should. The cycle then repeats the next time you need to accelerate.

Two mechanics independently suggested that it was the fuel pump, but with a hefty $700 price tag for changing the fuel pump, I don't want to take that chance and having it be wrong unless I was sure that it is the exact problem.

I'm gonna try to troubleshoot the problem myself, but I was wondering what ever happened with the car in this thread?
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What does it do if you go past the 50 mph? Does it continue to sputter or does it get worse or better?

You can put a pressure gauge on it yourself to diagnose the fuel pump or pressure regulator.

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