1996 toyota corolla


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1996 toyota corolla

hi, i have a 96 corolla i believe it is ce model and it won't start anymore. when i turn the ignition all i get is the ticking noise, i had a mechanic replace the contact pads iniside the starter last year and it worked fine from then till now. but i'm not sure if it is the battery or the starter because one of my buddiesjumped my battery and the car started. and when he tested the battery it was full charge and good condition.. could it be time for me to change the entire starter?
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Yes you need a starter, if there was a weak link in those Corolla’s would be the starter. Replacing the contacts does work most of the time, but not always.

I would highly recommend replacing it with a Toyota Reman. Aftermarket ones usually are of poor quality and they will have just changed the contacts which you have done already.
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Since the starter worked with a jump start, it sounds like the starter wasn't getting enough juice from the battery, probably due to corrosion between the cable terminals and battery posts (remove the terminals and make sure the posts and terminals are clean where the connections are made), corroded battery cables, or the battery cable terminals need to be tightened some. Also have the battery professionally load tested for free at a local auto parts store such as advance auto or auto zone, if your buddy didn't load test it. Try those things if jump starting always gets the starter working.
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I have to concur with Jeff. Although the starter could be on its way out as Toyotaman indicated, if the battery doesnt have a sufficient amount of cranking amps then it will not start the car. Batterys can fool you. They can have easily 12 volts, but have 0 cranking amps. It will act just like a dead battery. I would get the battery tested correctly first before just replacing the starter. You may even have to do both.
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hey thanks for the replies guys, ya i thought about it and i thought it would be the battery since it works if i jump it... and i tested the battery today by turning on my headlights and cranking it. it doesn't even crank anymore and the headlights are way dim.. even the radio won't go on now so i think i will get a new battery.. what should i clean the terminal connectors with? some steel wool? and also how do i check if the wires are corroded, what to look for?
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Before buying a battery, it will be worth it to get the battery tested along with the alternator so you won't risk replacing a good battery and still have the problem. An auto parts store can test them both for free.

A steel wool with some baking soda mixed in water should clean the connections or you could use a battery cleaning tool sold most anywhere batteries are sold. Just make sure the terminals and posts are shiney. For corrosion, look for a fluffy light green powdery substance around the terminals and if you see it, there is a pretty good chance that it's inside the cable so it's a good idea to replace any cable with corrosion visible.

Be sure to disconnect the negative cable 1st and hook it back up last to prevent a short to ground with a tool.

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