90 miata timing problem... HELP!!!!!


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Question 90 miata timing problem... HELP!!!!!

90 mazda miata DOHC. Replacing head gasket can't get it back in time. There is tension on crank when trying to line up marks. Also camshaft rotates but won't stay on mark, tension makes it go past mark.
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It takes a little finess sometimes to get the cams to stay inline while installing the belt. Did you loosen the tensioner enough? A trick I have used and one that has come in very handy for these type tensioners is to take a pry bar and pry the tensioner all the way back and then tighten the bolt. This tensioner is spring loaded and just tightening the bolt will hold it in place till you get the belt on. This will keep the tensioner all the way back while you install the belt. If you had a cam lock tool that would certainly make things much easier. The cam lock tool I use on DOHC engines lock both cams at the same time. It might help to have an extra pair of hands while you do this since you dont have enough to hold both cams and install the belt. Use a couple of wrenches and have a helper hold the cams while you put the belt on.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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