S10 blazer starting/electronic problems

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S10 blazer starting/electronic problems

I recently purchased a 1998 Blazer S10. While driving the blazer through the rain, I found that the wipers didn’t work. The next day, after wiggling the wiper fuse and starting the truck, the wipers worked. A day later the Blazer wouldn’t start, I attempted to quick charge and to jump start the battery, neither worked. I took the battery to an auto parts store who sold me a new battery which appeared to solve my problem. A month later, after recently washing the Blazer, I went to start it in the morning and neither the starter or anything else was receiving electricity. I had the battery checked and it was fine. After just putting the battery back in, I had power again! I don’t know why this worked, how long it will will last or what to do if the Blazer loses power again.
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Make sure your connections are perfect. Especially if you have a side post battery. These cables and connectors leave alot to be desired in any electrical system. Make sure they are clean and plenty tight. Look inside the rubber and make sure there is no corrosion there either. This will cause lots of problems. If you have to replace the cables all together.
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You said, "...neither the starter or anything else was receiving electricity. ".

Assuming your battery cables are clean, and no had no power to 'anything else', etc, then take a close look at the fuse box and feed. Since you wiggled a fuse in the box to get wipers to work, you may have narrowed down the problem to wiring in or feeding the fuse box. Engine mounted fuse boxes are more likely to have wiring faults than those mounted under the dash. If the fuse box is in the engine compartment, then wiggle the fuse box while the engine is running and accessories on and see if you can make duplicate the problem. The wiggle test is a known method to help diagnose weak connections.

The fuse box (usually) would not prevent the starter from getting juice. However, you may have one corrosion source that is affecting both the battery cables and the fuse box.
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I have replaced a number of underhood fuse blocks, 2 being S Blazers such as yours, for similar conditions. Some intermittent electrical problems can be tough to diagnose. Next time it acts up, have someone try to start the truck while you wiggle the relays and fuses in the underhood fuse block as Lugnut stated.

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