96 camry A/C hose replacement - help


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Question 96 camry A/C hose replacement - help

My '96 toyota camry station wagon has been having A/C problems since last summer. I refilled the A/C three times last summer. Then I found a leak in the lower pressure line. Both the car shop and the dealer wanted to charge me about $90 just to find the leak and give me an estimate. I was thinking that I needed this car for about another year. It didn't make sense to spend more on it.

Now, I want to fix it, since I may need it for two more summers.

Does anyone has replaced the A/C hose(s) for this car?

I would like to know how easy it is to do it myself. Is there any type of protection gear I should wear?

For those who had this done by a car shop or dealership, what is the cost? 200? 500? more?

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1) Are you aware that A/C system cannot be just opened to the air? Freon needs to be captured and recycled.
2) After replacing the hose, you still need to pull the vacuum. Do you have a vacuum pump and hose/gauge set?
3) It is advisable, as far as I know, to replace drier once the system is opened to air (moisture). Can you do that yourself?

I recently paid about $650 for compressor job. If you subtract the price of compressor (about $300?), repair cost will be much less than 500. Good luck with the repair.
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No, I didn't know any of those. I am glad that I asked. Thanks.

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