A.B.S. Almost Killed Me!!


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Angry A.B.S. Almost Killed Me!!

Car: 1996 Olds. Delta 88 3.8 M.F.I. V6
When I was driving my car yesterday, I stepped on the brakes and as I was coming to a stop the abs kicked in, no big deal it was raining and I thought I was hydroplaning. Today was sunny and dry, on my way to work I hit the brakes and the abs kicked in and the lamp came on along with the traction control off lamp. When I got to the garage I checked for fluid leaks and the fluid level, no leaks and the master cylinder was full. I asked the mechanics at the garage if I could lose my brakes if the abs system failed, and was told no, if you slam the brakes you'll just go into a skid. So after work I started driving the car home, everytime I was coming to a complete stop the abs kicked in; but 4 times I just lightly pressed the brakes to slow down a little and the abs kicked in, bringing me to a complete stop with the cars behind me swerving around me to avoid smashing into me!! So after a few yells and a couple flips of the bird, I put the flashers on and limped it home on the white line. I put my code reader on the car when I got home and there were none. I had a 4 way 'round brake job done about 5 months ago with no problems. WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD THIS BE!!!!!
The car has 163,000 mi. on it, and I only need it to live about another 3 months, so if it is the abs failing, can I disconnect the system from operation
and only use the regular power assited braking system without problems or DANGER?!!! And what could the problem be?!!!
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If you pull the abs pump motor relay it will cause the abs to not operate.You will have regular brakes though.
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There is a fuse box under the hood on the right side of the engine compartment. If you look in that fuse box's top it should tell you where the relay is located. IF you have your owners manual for the car then it may give you the information you are seeking. The fuse box should be pretty close to the battery. The positive cable from the battery runs through the center of that box. There is a row of Fuses on either side of the positive cable lug. Below that is a row of relays. The ABS Pump relay is the 4th one in from the front of the car, while the ABS Main Relay is the 3rd one in.
A generic OBDII code reader will not likely read ABS or Airbag codes. You will have to take it to someone who has a specific code reader for that type of codes.
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your ABS problem is!!!

Your Speed sensor has corroded and will need to be relaced if you wish to use the ABS system again. I have the same problem that you have had but with my truck. It is pretty scary when you can't control your stopping distance. I just pulled the fuse and have decided to drive around with the ABS light on since I don't have the money to repair this 1k job on my truck right now.
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Sorry Dude, but there aint NO speed sensor gonna cost 1k. No how no way!!! There are alot of things besides a bad sensor that will cause the ABS to not function properly. You need to get it checked out ASAP!!!

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