bad gaskets?


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bad gaskets?

ok, 64 belair, 283, v-8, auto transmission

My dad and I have been working on this car slowly for a few years, and went to start it the other day for the first time in probably 6 months. When we went to start it, it refused to start and gasoline was leaking out of the carberateur. It wasnt coming out the top or anything, it looked like it was leaking out somewhere in the center of it. I'm wondering if the gaskets are dry rotted from sitting, or if it's something bigger, any input is appreciated
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If you flooded the engine, gas can leak past the butterfly valve rod near where it is connected to the throttle linkage. This will not prevent the car from starting. Suggest you look elsewhere for the starting problem.
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If the leak is internal it might be dirt causing the inlet needle not to seat. It may be flooded and not starting. Pull the plugs & dry them.

If so unhook and securly plug the fuel line. If it will start it and let it run until it is out of gas. Then hook the fuel line back up. When you crank it the fuel rushing in sometimes will wash the dirt off the needle.
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Car nut is right on the money. if this doesen't work, you may have a problem with a float soaked with fuel. A carb kit & a float will get you going again

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