98 Windstart Headlight Problems


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Unhappy 98 Windstart Headlight Problems

I have a 1998 Ford Windstar with 170,000 well maintained miles. Other than the assorted issues that come with a van that has this many miles, my problems have not been very major (other than the expected transmission and head gaskets). My new problem is a bit more frustrating....it is electrical. The van is equipped with the light sensor/head light shut off. A couple of days ago while on vacation, I was informed my lights were left on. I thought maybe I had inadvertantly hit the manual light switch and didn't realize it. When I got to my van, the light indicator for my "brights" was lit. I tried to turn them off, but could not. I started the van to activate the lights & after the timer went off, the normal lights went off with the timer, but the "brights" came back on.

I ended up pulling the "master fuse" for the lights located under the hood, to get me through the night. I have tried pulling all individual fuses that would be related to the light since that time. The "brights" fuse, the regular lights fuse, the automatic light sensor fuse (although not all of them at the same time). These lights will NOT turn off.

Any suggestions or ideas?
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Here is a list 1) circuit open/shorted
2) Damaged Headlamp switch
3) Damaged Automatic dimming inside rear view mirror control module
4) Damaged autolamps headlamp relay
5) Damaged multi-function switch
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Is there a way to test to find out exactly which one is creating the problem?

And if so, is this something a novice should even attempt to do?
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You really need a shop manual for the pinpoint test. See if the dealer will give you a copy or ask a tech. And don't forget to buy him lunch. $
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Do you have the "Day-time running lights" on this van? In the Canadian north, we see many defective day-time running light module failures that cause lights to stay on alla time

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