2000 grand prix-water on passenger floorpan?


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2000 grand prix-water on passenger floorpan?

the other day I noticed a LOT of water in the rear passenger floorpan area. when I would run my hand across the carpet I could pull a puddle of water. I have a SLIGHTLY damp carpet on front passenger floor, but nothing like the rear. The floorpan seems to have an elevation between the front and rear, so I dont think that water can get from one to the other. We did have very hard rains recently, so I thought that could be it, but I have something that was lying on the floor in back that has mold on it so I think the water has been there longer than 2 days. My low coolant light is coming on (for months), but only when cruising down highway. I thought maybe the heater core was leaking, but as I said, I don't think this could get to the rear floor area due to a deep dish in the pan up front. When I checked the level before, it looked OK. I will check it again today. Unfortunately, when I used my shop vac to get water out, the vac had dirt in it already so I couldn't tell if the fluid was coolant or not. What is the most likely place for water to come into the car and get in both the front and rear floor areas in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?
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wet floor

I had a Pontiac GTP same old problems, doesn't look like they ever fix them. If it is the same problem I had Check the trunk. My guess since I had similar problems years ago was that the welding job was crap and you might want to check your spare tire-well and see if you have water their. From the direction it travels it could be anywhere by the rear window seals and also were the rain gutter meets with the trunk gutter. Run a hose over the rear area or cup of water in the area if your trunk lid is open and see if you have any bubbles coming from the welded areas particulary around joint points. Because this area is higher than the front you might have water running from the back to the front. I found it somewhat easy to find if you use some baby powder (which smells nice) and try to dust the areas that you think are possible leaking areas and watch for streaks to develop and try to pinpoint where the water is coming in at. LOL. And be sure to dry the car out as best as you can. Mainly good sunlight beating down on the floor will help. By the way quick tip. If during nice days after you leave your car sealed up overnight, such as windows closed and such, check and see if you have any water condensation build up on your windows. That was a telltale sign that I either had the problem fixed or if I had water still seeping in.

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