Looking for the best way to separate the dipstick/fill tube from the transmission.


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Looking for the best way to separate the dipstick/fill tube from the transmission.


I've been trying to change the transmission filter and fluid in my '91 Jeep Cherokee. The pan must be removed to reach the filter for removal/replace. I've removed the bolts and the dipstick but the tube has me hung-up. It has 9" long stub with a belled end where the dipstick tube seems to slide in like a vaccum cleaner wand. Unfortunately, although it swivels around it will not slide off, it slides off approximatly 3/4 of the way and it hangs-up before totally disengageing. Any suggestions?
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Can't say I'm familiar with the tranny/dipstick setup on a Cherokee, but here's a couple of thoughts:

1. I don't know of any vehicles that would require you to remove the dipstick tube simply to do a tranny service, but maybe I'm missing something here. Must have been designed by a Ford engineer if you do, in fact, have to remove it for some reason to accomplish the servicing. A little more info?

2. If the tube goes down through a rubber grommet in the tranny case, you may need to pry the grommet out of the body of the tranny in order for the tube to pull out.

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