Slow Starter - 1996 Chevy S-10 Blazer 5spd 4.3L 200k miles


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Arrow Slow Starter - 1996 Chevy S-10 Blazer 5spd 4.3L 200k miles

This auto starts 50% of the time with just a tap of the ignition key. If I crank for a few seconds or many seconds, it won't start. When it won't start with a tap (sometimes even a few taps won't work), I remove the intake and put in about a spoonful of gas, replace the intake and it starts right up. Once it's running, everything drives/accellerates fine.
The air filter was replaced 5K miles ago. I don't want to waste $ on a tune-up if it's more likely a problem the fuel pump, filter, etc.

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You need to hook up a fuel pressure guage to see if you are getting 60psi when you turn the ignition on. You need 60psi, not a pound less, for this thing to start (4.3L VORTEC). If not, you need a fuel pump. You could also cycle the ignition on and off 3 or 4 times(when truck won't start) to build enough pressure to get it to start. Every time you cycle to on, leave ignition on for 2 seconds before cycling to off. After the 3rd or 4th cycle, try to start it. If it starts buy a fuel pump.
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Talking 1996 s10 Blazer 200k 4.3 WIPER issues

I tried the advice and will try a few more times just to be sure. I did hear the hum of what I think was the pump as it only lasted 2 seconds. I'm not sure how much trouble it is to re it is to remove the fuel pump, should I check the fuel line filter, fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump relay.

I'm also having trouble with the wipers. They don't stop when I turn them off. If I put them on intermittent they sometimes pause but most of the time they just go as if on slow. Then when I try to turn them off they keep going for a while and when the finally stop it's usually not at the bottom of the windshield where it should be. Also the washer fluid won't spray when it's acting like this.


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