Oil pan bolt stripped


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Oil pan bolt stripped

The bolt to the oil pan in the transmission cannot be fully tightened. Once it reaches the bottom and gets to a specific tightness it just spins around. I guess the threads on the bolt or the pan has got stripped. Apart from buying a new oil pan/bolt what are the possibilities to fix this. The ones that I thought of were to either use some sealant on the bolt or to use a thread repair tap/die to fix this. Is there any other way this can be fixed?
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I just experienced a similar problem on the engine oil pan on my '94 Ford pickup. A new plug was the easy fix, and ran about $3.00. You could try a thread repair insert, I guess, but you'll spend a lot more money if you don't have the setup already, and you run the risk of pushing the insert into the pan if it's installed incorrectly. If the problem is in the fitting in the pan, you might be able to tap it to the original size and restore the threads to accept a direct replacement plug. Failing that, look into the availability of an oversize tap and plug set, or tap the fitting for the smallest pipe plug you can use (make sure the plug and tap are for National Pipe Taper, or NPT, threads). Last, and probably most expensive, would be to replace pan, plug, pan gasket, fluid and filter. Be sure of where the problem lies before you commit your hard-earned dollars. Hope this helps; let us hear from you.
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i have used the self-taping one's with a o-ring did OK
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First you need to determine whether the plug or the pan is the problem.
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It seems like both the plug and the pan have damaged threads. At the moment I can still screw the plug all the way in and tighten it although it cannot reached the spcified torque. So for the moment I have simply used the blue RTV sealant on the bottom of the plug to hold it in place. In the long term I can either replace the pan/plug or use a re-threading kit (which I just purchased to fix a couple of other bolts) to re-create the damaged threads. The kit worked really well on two other bolts whose threads I had crushed.

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