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Unhappy helping a neighbor

she has a 95 chev astro 2 wh dr, A/C clutch is shot. Garage wants $900 to fix it..she might have $9 Can i bypass the a/c entirely with a serpentine belt (if one is available) without screwing up something else? Or if not, can i put a compressor from a junk yard on just to hold the belt, with no intention of having it cool the van,,,again without screwing something else up? Thank you for helping me and this poor girl.
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It won't mess anything else up to bypass it, if it can physically be bypassed
Can you look and tell if you can route around it w/o reversing anything?
Here's a link to a pic...which one is the a/c comp.?
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That sounds pretty pricey to me. A reman compressor can be had for around $200.00, plus a few hours labor and the cost of refrigerant. I'd say around $400.00 you could have it up and working again, just have to shop around for the best repair quote. As far as bypassing the ac, you would need to figure out what size belt you would need. You could even end up buying an extra bracket and pulley needed to bypass the ac, as equipted on 4.3L's in the S-10 and fulsize pick-ups without ac.
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I'd go along with MRDUMMAS suggestion. Sometimes, deleting a pulley can change belt contact patterns enough to reduce contact between the belt and another pulley to the point of becoming a whole new problem.

In the 37 years I've been doing this, I have found one steadfast rule..... every time I have tried to save someone else $1.00..... I have taken $10.00 out of my own pocket to fix the new screw up.
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I haven't had too good of luck with reman compressors. They don't hold up well at all. It's a pretty expensive way to create an idler pully. You could always just replace the pulley on the old one if you just want to use it for an idler.

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