Whine Through Radio During Acceleration


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Whine Through Radio During Acceleration

Hey Folks...
When I turn the radio on in my truck (1989 Chevy 1500), I hear a whine through the radio that is in synch with the acceleration. The more I accelerate, the louder the whine. I have heard that this is an alternator problem, but the alternator is less than two months old. Is there a suppressor I can install? Thanks for the help..
Mike D.
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AM or FM ?
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AM, FM.. Most of it's crap nowaday's anyway. Maybe I'll replace the radio with a 36 inch flat screen.
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Sorry.. FM, haven't tried AM.
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This is a pretty common problem in Chevy trucks these days, and yes its from the alternator.....you can install an in-line noise filter (available at radio shack or anywhere sound systems are installed)....just follow the instructions on the package....the installation is pretty painless....and enjoy your tunes dude!
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Just wanted to check with you.......did you get your problem fixed???
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OK, i'm sure some of the guysgals can help me out here. Is there a part on a '89 distributor that reduces alternator noises? It's a small silver cylinder under the rotor. I had to change mine way back when, memory fades! LOL If not, do you have any amps installed? If so, ditto on the above feedbacks, install an inline noise suppressor. Check your grounds from your stereo,amps,and speakers and make sure all the connections are clean and solid. My two cents
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check your power wires

If you have any amps make sure the speaker wires are ran on one side of the truck and your power wires are ran on the other side.
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HI GlassesRX ....is that part under the distributor cap your speaking of called a "condenser?". I'm kinda jogging my own memory here also.
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Try "capacitor"
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the older model hei distributers that gm used up to around 87 did have a condensor or noise suppressor the newer distributers do not have this component.
plug wires may cause radio noise also you may look at them if its not coming from the alternator.
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Originally Posted by bejay
plug wires may cause radio noise also you may look at them if its not coming from the alternator.
Even new ones, if they are not the right kind

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