Brake Pad Question


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Lightbulb Brake Pad Question


I have a '97 Honda Accord and the repairman said that my front brake pads are at 2 mm. Recommending new pads. What are the size of new brake pads?? Is 2mm too close??


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New pads are about 1/4" thick (10 mm). At 2 mm the pads should be replaced. They should be making noise by now.
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dont wait

dont wait or you will spend lots more money for new disks.2mm is pretty thin.
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Yes, 2mm is getting very thin.... Here's how I explain it. Car manufacturers have a minimum lining spec.... most I have seen are in the 2mm range. Let's say that new pads are $40 and are 12mm thick (these are just random numbers chosen to make the math easy). The manufacturer says we should only use 10 of those 12mm giving us 10mm of usable pad. That works out to $4.00/mm.

If the pads are at 3mm (1mm above min spec), we are throwing away $4.00. If the pads are at 2mm, we are throwing away nothing.

Once the pads get down to min thickness, the heat load they carry (expressed in BTUs - not degrees) becomes high enough to affect the boding agents and the lining itself.

Bottom line... like belts, hoses and filters, changing brake parts too soon is much better than changing them too late.

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