91 ford explorer....door panel removal


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91 ford explorer....door panel removal

I need some help or instructions on how to remove the door panels on my 91 ford explorer. I'm trying to replace the speakers in all four doors but I'm having problems getting the door panels off. I don't want to break clips or disconnect wires and not know where they are supposed to go. Again, it's a 91 ford explorer, 4 door.
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Before I get started, I have to say, I'm probably going to miss telling you something so please be patient with this reply, and double check everything first. In fact, read as many replies as possible before attempting.

As a locksmith, my method of removing any door panel is to remove as many screws, bolts I see. When that is done, it's time for the panel itself. Have you got a panel clip tool? If so, I recommend using it for the next step. If not, you can still get the panel off, it's just too easy to pull the clips out of the panel. Yes, they can be used again, provided the damage is not too great. Usually they can be reinstalled. With your panel clip tool, put the notch on both sides of the clip, and gently pry against the door. This lifts the clip out of the door. IF you are using a screw driver or something like that, try to put the screw driver as close to the clip as possible and pry gently in both directions. (Push, pull, etc, until the clip is out. If you hear or feel the panel giving way, change directions. One trick I use is to insert the screw driver in the center of the clip and pry in the direction that would lift the clip out of the door.) The most difficult part of removing a door panel is the part of the panel by the window. The rubber gasket is attached to the inside of the panel, and can easily be pulled off if done incorrectly. While pulling the bottom of the panel away from the door, lift the rear of the panel until the gasket is free of the window. It's tight, so keep trying. Also, if you have electric switches in the door, such as window/lock buttons, these should be unplugged. Take note of the colors of the plugs. You will need to match them up when reinstalling the panel.

Once the panel is off, do not destroy the plastic liner. This is a moisture barrier, and helps keep water outside. This doesn't sound like it's going to be too tough, but I have seen alot of torn moisture barriers.

Also, after the panel is off, it's a good time to inspect for damage, and note where the clips go when reinstalling. The holes they fit into are about1/4" in diameter, and are easy to spot.

Sorry this is so long, but door panels are a bit tricky, but not impossible. Just be carefull when reaching into the door. The metal is usually sharp and will cut you. God luck with your speaker project. Let me know how it turns out.


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