help i broke a bolt


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help i broke a bolt

i have a 1989 camero rs and was taking the thermostat housing off and broke a bolt. i had a couple guys try to get it off with vice grips and heat but it wont come out. i bought a drill bit and an easy out but im afraid to make things worse. any advise? thanks, she
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A word of advice, and not to discourage you but it requires experience to remove broken bolts. In-experience almost always results in making it worse. It takes years of practice and failures to be proficient at it.

Example, the easy out will break off in their if you try to remove it with that method only resulting in making almost impossible to get out (know I said almost). Easy outs will only remove snapped off bolts, ones that are frozen, corroded or cross threaded will result in a broken off easy out. If the easy breaks or for that matter a drill bit or tap you will have to grind it out.

If heat and a vise grip will not remove it you need to drill out the bolt and tap it and maybe a heli-coil.
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Originally Posted by toyotaman11769
If heat and a vise grip will not remove it you need to drill out the bolt and tap it and maybe a heli-coil.
I have to agree

I have a full compliment of EZ outs, vise-grips, torches, and rounded off bolt removers, and I still removed a manifold and brought it to the machine shop friday because I busted a stud
Because of the '80s vintage and a general apraisel of the condition of other bolts, I didn't even try to do it myself
Paying him $40 was cheaper than a new manifold
BTW, he did have to heli-coil it, so I was correct not to try it myself

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