96 Chevy S-10 acting up!


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Cool 96 Chevy S-10 acting up!

My truck is acting silly! When I press on the gas pedal it seems like it wants to go but someone is holding it back. It will go, however, it hestiates. Once it is going about 60 miles per hour, if I release the gas pedal it makes a groaning sound.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?
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have the exhuast system checked for a restriction most exhuast shops can perform a backpressure test on the exhuast sytem.
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Sounds like a plugged cat to me.
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Originally Posted by Cabot
Sounds like a plugged cat to me.

What is a plugged cat?
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Catalatic Converter, have it removed if the shop will do it. On all my autos I do it when I have the muffler replaced. Some shops will do it so will not, and it might be a requirement in your state. My un-expert 2 cents.

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