1996 Ford Windstar: Door open indicator

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1996 Ford Windstar: Door open indicator

1996 Ford Windstar, 6 cylinder, 3.0 liter.
The 'door open' indicator light on the dash stays on continually along with the accompanying dinging sound. How do I troubleshoot this problem?
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I think your switches are in the latches (they are on later WSs)
Time to break out the WD-40 (or your favorite similar product) and start spraying
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I have the the same thing occur from time to time on my 1995 Windstar. Years ago, on this forum, I received information which led to a solution. On the sliding door there are brass or copper looking contacts which, when the door is closed, make contact with circular (look like large pennies) contacts in the door frame. I burnish/rub all of these contacts with the least abbrasive sanding paper I have. I stress - do not overdo the sanding because the idea is to take off only the minor corrosion that is preventing both of these contacts from completing an electrical circuit - thereby setting off the alarms. When the surfaces look nice and shiny and corrosion free you are done. This problem reoccurs and my solution is to do exactly the same thing to remedy it. Good luck.
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Slickshift has the right idea with the "SPRAY & PRAY" (spray -it- on- pray-it-works) in the door latches. If this fails, the dealer can monitor the GEM module & tell you what door is showing open. good luck

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