93 Grand Am transmission problem?


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Question 93 Grand Am transmission problem?

My car was stalling out on a regular basis (93 Pontiac Grand Am). We took it to the Pontiac dealer and they said we needed a new battery and the fuel line flushed. This was done at a cost of $360. I really think I got ripped off! Two days later, the car stalled again. It would start up, but as soon as it was put into gear, it would stall again. We had it towed back to the Pontiac dealer and they determined that the Torque Converter Clutch Selenoid needs to be replaced at a cost of $440. I have been told that this can be "unplugged" and the car will be fine. The Pontiac dealership told me that this can not be done on the 93 Grand Am. The car is a 93 with 40,000 miles on it, 4 cylinder, in great shape other then this problem. Trying to determine whether getting this fixed is worth it and finding someone trustworthy and not going to rip us off is another question. The car is just sitting at the Pontiac dealership. I have been told that this can be "unplugged" and the car will be fine. Do you have any advice?
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They are wrong, my 93 GA has not had the TCC solinoid plugged in since I got it. Gas mileage will go dow a little, but no biggie. Look on the drivers side of the tranny, plug is blue if I remember right, just unplug and go. Might light up your SES lite though. Still, no biggie, get your money back from the dealer. Also go to
www.gaownersclub.com for all your GA questions, they are a big help.

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