Electrical problem!!!!!!!


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Electrical problem!!!!!!!

My son has a 1998 VW Golf that has a part time electrical problem .Sometimes the alarm goes off for no reason and they can't get it stopped. When that happens they are stranded as the car won't start. They took it to a VW dealer who told them that they may have to tear the whole car apart before they could find the problem. There is a short, I guess, somewhere that renders the vehicle useless at times. Anyone have any ideas?
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Fist off, is this an original factory alarm? Does it have a motion/shock sensor. If it does, try turning the sensitivity down. If it's too sensitive, any car that drives by, or even bird droppings will set this thing off! LOL Let us know what you find out!
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I'll pass the info on to them, but I would think the VW dealer would have tried that. Thanks!
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if it's an aftermarket alarm...

...disconnect it. they're more trouble than they are worth. if it's a factory alarm...sounds like the dealer personell is lacking in skills. i'm not buying "we might have to tear the whole car apart"...that's a copout and an attempt to inflate the actual repair. find someone who is very skilled in electrical/electronics repair.

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