Had tune-up..now exhaust loud?????


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Had tune-up..now exhaust loud?????

My check engine light came on (96 olds achieva) and then started flashing at me. Took car to my usual car repair shop and $421 later!!!!!!!!.....they told me it needed a tune-up and they also recharged my a/c. (I'd told them there was no cold air).

I realize my plugs are double platinum and aren't cheap. Still questioning $199 labor...but my dilema is what would a tune up or a/c recharging have to do with my exhaust being loud after I picked up the car. Is there any connection to what I had done that would cause this? Trying to decide if I should call them about it or if it and sound stupid or if it was perhaps 'coincidental' that it happened.

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from what you had done there shouldnt be any noticable difference in exhuast noise as none of it requires any exhuast components to be removed. but you should either return the car to have them check the exhuast to find out why it is louder whether you take it to an exhuast shop or back to the shop you had the work done performed at really doesnt matter atleast you will find out why it is louder.
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I have seen where the air cleaner box is not fitted properly and making noise, bring it back to who worked on it.

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