Jetta stalling


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Jetta stalling

My daughter has '98 Volkswagen Jetta. It seems when it rains or is damp out it stalls out. I would assume it was an electrical problem but where to start the search is the question. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Look at the plugs, wires and Distributer cap,if they get wet it might cause the problem. Start at what is accessible first, battery and work your way back, iginition plug wires look for cracks and worn places in the dark look for sparking and arcing. Same with the distributer cap cracks and wipe the inside down with a dry rag. It will be time consuming but it will beat paying a shop for the time involved. Just my un-expert 2 cents.
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Cap (rotor) and wires are the first suspects on the list with damp weather problems
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My girlfriend had a 93 Jetta with the same problem...

I bought her a can of WD-40 and showed her how to spray the distributor cap whenever she was having that problem. It worked, though was a little bit of a pain during raining season.

I eventually got the distributor cap changed (but cheaped out and got a used one) that lasted about a year and the problem started up again.

She has since replaced the car with a 2002 Jetta TDI! Great car!

P.S. Be carefull though... I'm not sure it's a good idea to be spraying around a hot/running engine... the stuff is flamable.

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