02 Sentra Timing Marks


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Question 02 Sentra Timing Marks

I have replaced the head on my 02 Sentra 2.5 DOHC. I do not know how to install timing chain. I have tried three different ways and all sound like no compression. The delaer is no help. Does anyone know how the timing marks should be aligned on the cams and crank??? PLEASE HELP?????
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I don't know but maybe can help. Align crank to tdc on compression stroke (check distributor-should be pointing to no.1 at sensor). cam lobes will be equally split pointing left and right and pointing up. 360 deg. later at tdc again the lobes will be equally split pointing down (this is with no.1 hole) the exhaust just closing and the intake just opening. Are there 3 possible holes to align the cam gear? If its an interferance motor (valves hit pistons when allowed to stay open-as when timing chain or belt breaks) you could bend the valves by running it 3 teeth off of where its supposed to be. Making getting compression impossible. Nissan has had this lame timing the cam system since I first saw it in the 70;'s and I just went through hell with my 92 maxima trying to time the cams.

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