'98 Ford Taurus problem


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Comcast Tim
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'98 Ford Taurus problem

I have a '98 Taurus 3.0L Duratec V6. It has 140K on it the check engine light just came on. I had the codes checked and it had a bad or malfunctioning intake runner code. I am not quite sure what that means?
The cars runs fine when warm, but stumbles BIG TIME until then. If I start it in the morning and do not wait 5 minutes before taking off, it stumbles. It won't stall, though.
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What was the actual code?
Could it have been an Air Injection malfunction code?
As far as I know the Duratec V6 doesn't have variable intake runners
And I'm not familier with an OBD II code for malfunctioning runners
I'm not real fluent in OBD II though, I'm sure if there is one someone will pipe up
But it might help if you posted the actual code
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Intake manifold runner

The usual problem is a little bushing on a small rod on the front of the engine. It's hard to see, but it's on the front of the intake manifold. there will be 2 of them, one for each side of the engine. the bushing cost about $2.50.
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They had some problems with the secondary intake manifold runner control motor. Replace a few.
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I have not yet fixed the problem, but I did get the actual code-


Intake Manifold Valve Not Opening or Stuck Open.

Can someone tell me where to start?

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Comcast Tim
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No one has any suggestions?

I need to get my car registered and I can't until I get this fixed. The code is:


Intake Manifold Valve Not Opening or Stuck Open.

Please help.

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