clutch issue


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Unhappy brake lights

I have a 95 Ford Windstar. The left brake light will not work. When I take the housing off fender it will work. When I put it back on it quits working. The tail light, turn signal works fine as well as the light on the right side. Any one having suggestion on getting it to work when reinstalled would be appreciated.
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clutch issue

hi, my son has a 93, dakota. with a 5 speed. It has sat all winter. now the clutch doesnt disangage(grinds when trying to put in any gear). I believe the the problem is in the hydrolics. How do I diagnose if its the slave or the master cyl. Or, can the problem be the clutch. I cant see how the clutch can go bad if not driven, but he did start it occationally and move it a little.

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Plenty of clutchs has been "glued" on from not being used. Especially in tractors sitting out in weather. So it could be stuck or as you suggest the master or slave isn't working. Have someone step on the clutch while watching the slave pushing the release fork on the trans. Usually slaves have evidence of hyd fluid leaking when bad. Master cyl;s let the fluid leak by as you are pushing when bad. I have a 90 dakota 4/4 that routinely gets left for 9 mo.s and it always has fired right up and worked fine.

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