Front end noise 1995 Grand Am


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Front end noise 1995 Grand Am

Hi all,
Hoping someone can help me here. Just purchased a 1995 Grand Am with 47,000 miles and now am hearing a unusual noise coming from the front driver's side. It sounds like when you used to put a playing card in between the spokes of your bike. It does it going straight and when you turn. It seems to diminish as you go faster and you don't hear it in the cabin but only when the windows are down. It has aluminum rims on it with an attached metal disc covering the middle of the rim on the inside and I think that maybe the disc has seperated a bit from the rim causing a vibration when it moves but I'm not sure and would like to know if it could possibly be the bearing which is making the noise? Any thoughts out there.
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try this

rotate the front tire and wheel to the back and the back to the front.if it still does it, it could be the bearing or cv joint.inspect the cv shaft boot.sometimes the rubber boot will rip open and as it turns will slap the frame or other parts making a noise as you decribed.if the problem moves to the back afer the rotation, then its probably the wheel.

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