Mileage question


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Mileage question

I'm an old school kind of guy so when a car reached 100,000 miles it was time for it to go. Now I have a 93 Buich century with 110,000 miles on it. I just drove cross country and the car runs as new. I've also done major maintance, hoses, belt, all filters, oils etc. The car has a 3.3liter engine. The question is what can I reasonably expect out of this car as far as mileage goes. I drive cross country twice a year.
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To tell you the truth, that is sorta an old school way of thinking. Cars nowadays reach twice that without much a problem if you keep up with maintenance. A lot of it has to do with the better oil we now use (or synthetics are even better), lack of mechanical systems such as points and carburators, and computer designs. Just take a look around ebay and look at the milage of some of the vehicles. I sold a Wagonner with 216,000 miles, a Mustang GT with 175,000 miles, and I now have an Acura with 160,000 miles. I never did anything to the engine of any of them.

However, the downside is this, when cars get that amount of milage, small things sometimes start to go (alternators, hoses, radiators, shocks, etc). All things that don't cost a fortune to get fixed, but can be quite a nuisance when you are some distance from home. But with the cost of new cars in the $25k+ range, I'll deal with a headache here and there. Might even be cheaper to rent a car when you do your cross country thing than to buy a new car just for that purpose.
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Thanks for the answer Pete. I live in Manhattan and travel 6 months a year, I also park on the street so I buy decent junkers. I bought this car 3 years ago with 72,000 for $1200. I put about a grand into it including a new delco alternator, delco fuel pump and tires, hoses, belt, wires, filters and drive into Mexico every year where I get bodywork done for a dime on the dollar. I was just wondering as I went from Arizona to NYC in 4 days and the car never missed a beat.
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Back then the life of the motors, that I seen was.
V8's got 125,000
V6 got 150,000
4cy got 75,000
I noticed when they came up with Unleaded gas the life of the motors went up over double.
The cleaner gas produces less carbon.
The problem now is the front and rear crank shaft seals going bad before the motors.

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