Taurus rear disk problems


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Taurus rear disk problems

The car: a í94 Taurus wagon w/ ABS and rear disks w/ 155+k.

The problem: persistent squealing while applying the brakes.

The left rear caliper seized 11/04. Both rear rotors and the caliper were replaced. Since that time the squealing comes, goes, and is present on about 50% of stops.

I am sure the rear is the problem. The original rear calipers were replaced at about 70 and 80k w/ a lifetime warranty re-built parts from Pep Boys. These are actually worse than the Ford parts. They are on the car from about 5 minutes to two days and are returned for leaking or they function just fine for 24 mos and then go back because they seize. Therefore, the present calipers are probably the fourth or fifth generation. In addition, while driving, I can duplicate the sound by putting the car in neutral and slowly engaging the parking brake. If I quickly engage the parking brake, the rear end swings around.

I have tried everything I know. I have tried expensive pads, cheap pads, hard pads, soft pads, w/ shims, w/o shims and w/ and w/o the orange sticky stuff on the back of the pads. I have cleaned and re-greased the locating pins. I have bled the brakes repeatedly.

I have noticed that the pads seem to form cracks in the middle after just a short time, which is new. Also, I can almost convince myself that the pedal is a bit softer, but I donít believe that if true, that would contribute to brake noise. The bearings are sealed and do not seem to make any noise or have any play, but I have not measured this and do not know if it would contribute to squealing.

The master cylinder and all lines, metal and rubber are original as far as I know, since I did not own the car through its first 13K.

While jacked, up the brakes do not appear to drag while spinning the wheel.

The tires seem to be wearing too much on the inside edge, but they have always done this and I have been told this was a design problem and cannot be corrected.

When I jack up the car clean everything and try something new the brake are always perfect on the test drive and then for about 2 days before they sequel again. The never make noise at the first one or two stops in the morning with a cold car. Thereafter it is a random occurrence.

Any ideas?
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I love your description! So meticulous! You got a tought one huh? These problems that you describe are often the overlooked item. for example, a little grease on the pads can never be ruled out.

Your right about the inner tire wear on Taurus'es. It's a camber problem that should not affect the brakes. They have a repair kit for that, but it's alot of work to install.

Really, you have done a great job. Aside from grease, I can't think of a thing that would cause the squeal. If it is grease, turn the rotors, install new pads, soak them with brake cleaner right after you install them to remove fingerprint grease. Give her another road test.
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try this

I think there is probably some little piece of metal that has been bent out of shape from all the work done in this area, lets pull the wheels back off and with that real strong flashlight really go over the entire area with a fine tooth comb, something is rubbing to make that squealing sound and it sounds like all the other bases have been covered. If you eliminate all the other possibilities it can only be one thing right?
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thanks for the input; I'll try again this weekend
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thanks again -seems to be fixed

i bought the most expensive pads stocked at autozone. these had 2 stainless steel shims bonded to the backing plate, so there was a sandwich of pad, adhesive, shim, more adhesive and the other shim. None of the previous replacement pads had shims in the box, but the car came with shims that I transfered.

Three of the four pads where cracked. But the big problem was probably due to one of the shims floating out of place on the sea of orange stuff I put on the back. I went nuts with the orange stuff because of continued noise. the shim must of sliped out of place when I last reassembled the brakes. it had sliped over the tit on the pad backing plate and gotten crushed in the slot on the piston designed to engage the tit.

I put the whole thing together without grease or orange stuff, because it was very windy and dusty that day and I would have added all sorts of wind borne crap to the equation, Also, the car came without any of these.

I have been driving for 4 days without brake noise.

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