Air Conditioning Trouble 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo


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Air Conditioning Trouble 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 7,000 miles, 6 cylinder engine and automatic transmission.

Problem - The air conditioning (AC) can't cool down the inside of the car. The air coming out of the vents is cool but not cold and the passengers are uncomfortable. Yesterday was about 82 degrees outside and I still broke a sweat in the car with the AC on.

I have taken the car back to the dealership service department 3 times to have it fixed/repaired. On the 1st visit they replaced the AC button in the dash and on the 2nd and 3rd visit they replaced the expansion valve both times. The most recent visit was April 20, 2005. After this visit I drove the car for about 20 minutes and the AC still could not get the car cool so I called the service department and they told me that this is normal for 2004 Jeeps.

The AC system in my car is the basics, not the fancy climate control that some vehicles have. I have used the AC on the "recirculation" setting as well as the other position and the air temperature is no different when on recirculation.

I find it difficult to believe that a common feature like AC does not work properly in a car that I bough new last year and had trouble with from the start. I just don't buy the service departments answer that this in "normal" for Jeeps.

Has anyone heard of problems with AC in Jeeps and what might the real problem be?
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1st thing I would get a thermometer at Autozone,
Pep Boys etc. and stick it in the center dash
air outlet. After a few minutes it shoud cool down
to a min. of 46 degrees. you may ahve to put a
lttle steady pressure on the accelerater pedal to
get it above idle speed. If it never drops below
50 then you still have a problem.
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If it was normal, why did they replace any parts trying to fix it???
Sounds like they gave up on it and are now saying it's normal.
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jeep ac

You are getting the run around from the stealerships service department. You will probably have to be a bit more forceful, go to the owner and make a complaint the high school kid in the service department probably does not have the AC expertise knowledge needed to repair the AC properly. Owners are usually well aware of their service departments weak spots, maybe you can get him to recommend a area jeep dealer that has specialists in that area. You could have something as simple as a blend door problem that they have overlooked or perhaps their machine is out of calibration and they did not put the correct amount of refrigerant in the system, most of the time the kids only know to punch the button, not enough knowledge to know if the silly machine is working right plus for all we know if they are using recycled refrigerant to refill your vehicle (most do due to the high cost of virgin refrigerant) you may have gotten some badly contaminated stuff which will cause some real strange problems with AC. I recently had a tech that worked at a local AC shop tell me that they never test the refrigerant when recovering, they just pump it all into the same tank he said he knows there are blends/ R22 and probaly some of the flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants in there, the boss does not care as long as they are making money and most of the customers have no clue as to what is really happening, that ole catch phrase "well now that is about normal for that particular vehicle" works every time LOL Next time you are over at the stealership hop in a 04 model like yours and take a test spin just to satisfy yourself that all jeep AC's do not suck, most do a pretty good job untill you get into the high 90's or above.
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Thank you all for your posts, this certainly helps me confirm that there is a problem. I will buy a thermometer this weekend and test the temperature coming out of the vents. I called Chryslerís 1-800 # and they also suggested going to another dealershipís service department.

Iíll let you know how thing go.

Thanks again!!
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Next step, tell them you want to speak to the district or regional service representative about the problem. They may refer to that person by a different title, but they should know what you mean.

Also, KEEP COPIES OF ALL OF YOUR REPAIR ORDERS. This may be important in the future in documenting the problem began while still under warranty.

You might also seek out a good independent AC shop - one that does strictly AC work - and ask their opinion. Just let them know the vehicle is under warranty, but that you just need a second opinion. The really good shops will likely oblige you with the expectation you could be a future customer. We deal with a really good AC shop locally and if I get time today I will inquire if your model has any known problems.

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