Advice for overheating engine?


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Exclamation Advice for overheating engine?

I have a 4 cylinder, 1.5L, 1985 Ford Laser (GL), 5 speed manual. Driving home the other day and temp gayge was nearly all the way up! It usually doesn't move more than 1/4 inch. Got home and heaps of steam was comng from the engine. Found a leak- fixed it, replaced the coolant, checked the thermostat. Still getting really hot- what could be the problem?

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Anytime an engine gets hot it weakins the spring on the thermostat causing it to function improperly by staying closed for too hot a temp or staying open not allowing the radiator to cool the fluid that has just left the engine. I would change the thermostat and try it again, if it still hot then maybe the radiator is stopped up. that could have been the reason for the original problem. If the radiator was not cooling properly then the fluid temp got hot and the system pressure was greatly increased causing the leak (point of weakest resistance), once you fixed the leak it still gets hot but does not have any (weak spots to leak from). If you are able to drain the radiator and collect your coolant then refill the radiator with water. take the radiator cap off, loosen the bottom hose and pull it off the radiator and see if the water rushes out of the radiator quickly. If it comes out quickly then the radiator is probably not stopped up, if it comes out kind of slow then there is a restriction in the radiator and would need boiling, rodding or replaced.

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