Adding transmission drain plug?


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Adding transmission drain plug?

I own a 2003 Merc Grand Marquis. I have owned 2 other Grand Marquis', and have always found the filter clean as a whistle when changing the fluid. The magenet in the bottom is usually encased only at the first change. After that it is minimal.

Being able to change the fluid once per year would make a lot of sense to me, especially since only about 1/3 of the total fluid is in the pan when you pull that.

I am of the opinion that it would make a lot of sense to add a drain plug to my transmision pan. What do you all think?

If it is OK, then are there kits out there? Any advice would be most appreciated.
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oh yeah

they don't put plugs in because they want to make it as difficult for you to have to keep good fluid in the trans. If you take care of your trans. then you will not ever need to buy there replacement parts/filters and gaskets. Anyway enough on the conspiracy theory. Older cars back in the 60's had plugs in them just like the engine. They do make kits for a plug but the ones I have seen are not very appealing. They have a real small plug and would take forever to drain. if I were going to add a plug I would take the pan and have a real oil filler bung welded into it, or look in a performance batalog and buy a complete pan with a plug already i it. To make my fluid last I added a 7500 GVW trans oil cooler to my vehicles, the cooler you keep the fluid the longer it will last.
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Auto parts stores sell specialty plugs for exactly what you want. Look in the section of the store that carries oil pan plugs. There are several to chose from. They are very low profile plugs because there is very little clearance inside the pan.

Basically, you remove the pan, drill a hole, insert plug, install the thin nut on the inside to hold the plug permanently. The plug and nut, and a washer comes in the package for just a few bucks. Don't forget a new pan gasket to reinstall the pan.
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Thanks. I'll check out both suggestions. And the Merc's now come with a reusable gasket. Thay actually work very well. I was planning to add the plug at the next change, so would have to drop the pan and do a messy version of the change anyway. But that would be the last one of those with any luck.

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