Where to start on a car that's been parked for 2 yrs?


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Arrow Where to start on a car that's been parked for 2 yrs?

I have a '90 Nissan Stanza. The timing belt broke and due to financial reasons, the poor thing was parked at the side of the house instead of being fixed.

It has now been two years and since then I've been told that my car has a timing chain not belt, which usually only slides off instead of breaking. And to top it off, there apparently is a guard that stops the valves from being bent like in most cars, so I most likely wouldn't have to replace the head.

So my questions are:
1- Has anybody heard of this timing "chain" and was I told the truth?
2- I'm going to attempt to fix her myself, but because she's been sitting for so long I don't know where to start. Does anybody have any pointers or know where I can find a step-by-step guide of what to do first?
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The factory service manual should tell you how to do it.
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I'd check your

favorite auto parts store or library and find a Chilton's manual for your car. A Haynes manual would also work, I prefer the Chilton's. If you can, compare both and see what you think. Last time I had to buy one it was $12.00. I think now there between 12-20.

You may need to borrow/buy/rent some special tools to do the work, the manual will tell you this also.

2 years, I'd also plan on draining the fuel out of the fuel tank. It's probably stale after all this time. Charge the battery while your replacing the chain. Possibly drain/refill cooling system? Once you get it going, I'd plan on an oil change and possibly a tune-up as well.

Hope this helps!
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My Gates belt guide has no listing for a '90 (goes up to '89 for Stanzas) so It may have a chain

I prefer the Haynes manuals, but the Chilton's good too
A factory manual or AllData subscription is even better (also more $)

If it hasn't been started in two years pull the plugs and spray some WD-40 or squirt some oil in the hole

The gas is stale for sure

Flush the cooling system

Change the brake fluid (before you drive off anyways)

I wouldn't change the gear oil or tranny fluid just yet

Mmmm...if it is a chain, are you sure it broke?
Can you verify this?
The manuals may tell you how to do a quick check
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slides off?

never heard of a timing chain that slides off.ive been selling auto parts for 20+ years.a chain goes around a gear.call a local auto parts to find out what is on your car(chain or belt) .buy a haynes manual that will tell you step by step (with pictures)how to do the repair.
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I'm with stit... I've never heard of a timing chain slippin' off. Also, you're wheel bearings and brakes could be seized. Good luck to ya though.

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