two no starts in three weeks


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two no starts in three weeks

I've got a 99ford taurus3.0liter single cam 72k,well maintained.About 3weeks ago after being driven 15miles it wouldn't start on my return trip warm engine ,tried starting 3 times no go.While I was waiting for tow,tried starting about 10minutes later,it started.started every time for next 3 weeks,then yesterday same thing wouldn't start on retun trip,waited 10-15 minutes started right up.Tech checked out car,no codes,good fuel pressure,doesn't want to throw parts in guessing,so he said next no start,too pull one of the plug wires from coil while trying to start to see if there's spark. Well that makes sense,problem is I drive alone 90% of the time.Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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Get a remote starter switch like the one here:

Clip one wire to the positive battery terminal and one wire to the ignition switch terminal on the starter solenoid. With the key in the on position, push the button and you can turn the starter while under the hood, instead of using the ignition switch, and check for spark. Be sure to sit the end of the plug wire very close to any metal part of the engine or unpainted body part so it will have a ground to spark to.
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Is it cranking and just not starting or not cranking at all???
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taurus no start

cranking but not starting

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