93 suburban sloppy steering


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93 suburban sloppy steering

My 1993 Chevy Suburban, which I have owned for several years, has developed a problem with "sloppy" steering, i.e., lots of play and wandering back and forth - won't stay straight down the road. I've recently completely replaced all bushings with polyurethane. Afterwards, took it for alignment, and the shop told me everything looks good, but the severe play was caused by a worn steering gear. I then replaced the steering gear and pittman arm, and it didn't help. I've also replace the idler arm. I was warned not to adjust the screw on top the steering gear (like was common on older cars). Any truth to this, or is that what it needs? I also thought it may be the "rag joint", but I don't think there is one. Somone give me some ideas PLEASE!
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there is a problem with those, my sisterinlaw had the same problem, they tried to adjust the nut but I don't think they knew what they were doing, could not fix it so they changed the whole steering box, that made it twice as bad (junkyard box) If it won't adjust you might need a new steering box.
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Check your "rag" joint. They wear out on these. Should be able to pick a kit up for 'bout 15 bux. The only hard part about replacing these are most of the orig. ones are riveted together.

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