2000 Astro Van Fuel Pump


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2000 Astro Van Fuel Pump

How does one go about fixing a fuel gauge on an Astro Van? I believe the fuel gauge and fuel pump are integrated units? The pump works, but the gas guage is broke. Can one fix the guage without replacing out the entire unit to the tune of $300.00. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Your right, this is a sealed one piece assembly. Assuming that the sending unit is the problem to only way to fix it is to spring for a new one. One of GM and Chrysler's great ideas to make everything one piece!
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I forgot to ask my parts guy but try asking for a fuel level sensor.The service manual shows the sensor as being replaced separatly but that doesn't mean its available that way for sure.I know if you need a fuel pump you get the whole ball of wax not sure on the sensor.
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Yes, the fuel level sensor can be replaced seperatly. I know my cost is about $70.00 on the sensor. As far as replacing it, a hoist would be the way to go. I have replaced one in the driveway once, won't do that again.
However you go about with the replacement, first you want to drain the fuel tank. You'll need to disconnect the fuel feed line from the fuel filter and grab a coulpe gas cans. Route a hose from the line to the can. Next to the fuel pump relay in the under hood fuse block, there is small terminal that may be labled as "fuel pump prime" or similar to those words. If not, you should see a wire with a flat connector on the end. You'll need to jump that terminal, or wire to battery positive to activate the fuel pump to drain the tank. Once the fuel is drained, remove the jumper wire. Then you need to remove the hose clamp for the filler neck and pop that off the tank. Remove the tank straps and lower the tank enough to disconnect the fuel lines, fuel pump and pressure switch connectors. Now the tank can be removed from under the van. You may need to remove the driveshaft if it is in your way (if doing repair in your driveway), be sure to set park brake and block the wheels. I cannot quite remember the type of lock ring that secures the fuel sender to the tank, but take care while removing it. We have special tools for these to assure no damage is caused. But blow off dirt and debris from that area before removal of the fuel sender. Once you have it out, it is pretty much self explanitory as to how to replace the level sensor.
Good luck and let us know if you encounter any issues.
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Today, I had the charging system checked to see if I may of had some resistance in the electrical system all was fine. The strage thing now is when the car is in park the gas guage flutters the other guages are constant. If I turn on the emergency blinkers it sync with the on/off mode. Do I have a bad resister or relay on the instrument cluster? I don't think the fuel pump/fuel guage is bad any longer. What do you guys think I should check? Thank you.


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